Free Delivery Promotion

Receive FREE delivery within the UK on orders over £500*

*This promotion excludes:

- Orders which include the Florence Peacock Chair for which a £19.99 delivery surcharge will be applied to Parcelforce zone 1 postcodes.

- Orders where the delivery cost brings the total above £500

- Orders which require delivery to Highlands and Islands postcodes (a list of which can be found below)

Excluded Postcodes:

HS1, IV15, IV36, KA27, KW17, PA36, PA63, PH18, PH38, HS2, IV16, IV40, KA28, PA20, PA37, PA64, PH19, PH39, HS3, IV17, IV41, KW1, PA21, PA38, PA65, PH20, PH40, HS4, IV18, IV42, KW2, PA22, PA39, PA66, PH21, PH41, HS5, IV19, IV43, KW3, PA23, PA40, PA67, PH22, PH42, HS6, IV20, IV44, KW5, PA24, PA41, PA68, PH23, PH43, HS7, IV21, IV45, KW6, PA25, PA42, PA69, PH24, PH44, HS8, IV22, IV46, KW7, PA26, PA43, PA70, PH25, PH49, HS9, IV23, IV47, KW8, PA27, PA44, PA71, PH26, PH50, IV1, IV24, IV48, KW9, PA28, PA45, PA72, PH30, ZE1, IV2, IV25, IV49, KW10, PA29, PA46, PA73, PH31, ZE2, IV3, IV26, IV51, KW11, PA30, PA47, PA74, PH32, ZE3, IV10, IV27, IV52, KW12, PA31, PA48, PA75, PH33, IV11, IV28, IV53, KW13, PA32, PA49, PA76, PH34, IV12, IV30, IV54, KW14, PA33, PA60, PA77, PH35, IV13, IV31, IV55, KW15, PA34, PA61, PA78, PH36, IV14, IV32, IV56, KW16, PA35, PA62, PH17, PH37, BT1, BT12, BT23, BT34, BT45, BT57, BT70, BT92, IM8, BT2, BT13, BT24, BT35, BT46, BT60, BT71, BT93, IM9, BT3, BT14, BT25, BT36, BT47, BT61, BT74, BT94, IM99, BT4, BT15, BT26, BT37, BT48, BT62, BT75, BT99, TR21, BT5, BT16, BT27, BT38, BT49, BT63, BT76, IM1, TR22, BT6, BT17, BT28, BT39, BT51, BT64, BT77, IM2, TR23, BT7, BT18, BT29, BT40, BT52, BT65, BT78, IM3, TR24, BT8, BT19, BT30, BT41, BT53, BT66, BT79, IM4, TR25, BT9, BT20, BT31, BT42, BT54, BT67, BT80, IM5, BT10, BT21, BT32, BT43, BT55, BT68, BT81, IM6, BT11, BT22, BT33, BT44, BT56, BT69, BT82, IM7